Día 21/30 de #30diasenbici 2017

Bendita bicicleta

Erase una vez una mañana de esas en que todo se complica. Lo organizado se desorganiza y lo pendiente de organizar, pendiente queda.

Claves para sobrevivir a un 21/30 de #30diasenbici: actitud zenclista, postura correcta y respiración adecuada.Y con unas pedaladas y la ayuda de los amigos todo vuelve a su cauce y los obstáculos se difuminan.


5 points on my 30 Days of Biking

El capítulo final y la recapitulación

  1. 700 kilometres. A record beating April getting over an endless awful weather. Not to mention that I used to be one of those whose cycling season started at the same time as the Giro d’Italia.
  2. Zero “cliptastrophy“, no falls, zero panic and little anger moments thanks to drivers when riding my beloved Asturias’ roads. Should we be winning the game of bikers security awareness? Or should it be me and my…
  3. Zenclist attitude: find and become oneself on a bike. It’s all about posture, breath and attitude. The right posture, pushing the ground with your knees and heaven with the head. The right breath, slow, strong and natural as a door that opens and closes again and again. The right attitude, your mind wandering free, letting the miles pass and leave only a trace of sweat and thirst. A pointless practice? Ego killing?
  4. A cow on my bike, a potato raincoat, a kidyclist ride,too much stories to remember and lots and lots of talks about cycling, bikes and healthy habits for fortyagers
  5. New friends, found at the 30DoB community and joyfully sharing an unconditional love for bicycles. Susana, Raul, David, Patrick, Rachel and many more. With some of them I’ve already shared some pedaling here in Asturias. Sooner or later, I will meet the rest of the bunch on the road. For sure.

Willing for 2014 to start again 30 Days of Biking!