Spain’s nationwide critical mass… Crixixona 2013

The wonderful Crixixona logo get out of the brains of 'Magic' Leo

The wonderful Crixixona logo get out of the brains of ‘Magic’ Leo

La Crixixona, 2013 Spain’s nationwide critical mass, will take place in Gijón (Asturias) on May, the 18th, Saturday from 17:00 PM.

To celebrate it, the weekend from Friday 17th to Sunday 19th, there’ll be programed quite a nice bunch of activities to please the million joyful cyclist that are expected to join us: guided bike rides around the city to show you how beautiful is Gijón, two huge bike bar crawls with discounts for massers, bike disguise workshops, the Crixixona Brotherhood Picnic and more.

Even though the route is yet to be determined, we will ride on Sunday from the Poniente’s Beach to the place where we’ll host the loony Crixixona 2013 Party to re-hydrate yourselves with apple cider and beer, taste Asturian dishes and fulfil your souls with folk music and lots of R&R, of course. Other activities, like a cycling quiz and some more surprises, are under study.

You may be asking yourself why the heck we call it “Crixixona”. Explain it is easier to me than pronounce it for you, I dare say. Keep in mind that in Spain we do call “Criticona” to the nationwide critical mass (“criticona” is an augmentative of “crítica”). Mix it up with the name of Gijón in Asturian Language, Xixón, and here it is… the proud Crixixona.

There will be free accommodation in the IES Calderon de la Barca Sports Hall, a school located in the neighborhood of El Coto, pretty central and we hope comfortable enough for all of you. There’re separate changing rooms for men and women with hot showers and a parquet floor to sleep (if you find time left). Do not forget the sleeping-bag, mat… and whatever that you may need to fall into Morpheus’ arms.

Crixixona's Avatar on Facebook Page

Crixixona’s Avatar on Facebook Page

You may find all the info and updates on La Crixixona at Crixixona’s blog and the Facebook Page. By now, is only in Spanish but the main items of info will be translated soon into English and any other language you may volunteer to do so.

There’s an e-mail for information purposes that you can freely use to get in touch with La Crixixona: Please leave your messages in English language to ease feedback.

Not a clue on where is  Gijón or Asturias? Thank’s Google we have Google Maps… find out below:

Para los lectores en castellano… id al artículo anterior aquí.

A winter storm at Gijón's bay... we would rather see a bike flood in Spring

A winter storm at Gijón’s bay… we would rather see a bike flood in Spring

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